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Dave Ramsey “The Total Money Makeover”

Posted on: March 15, 2008

tmmo_book_2006_lg.jpg I just finished reading this book today @ 11.10pm. I took 8 days to complete this superb book. Totally agree with the his proven plan for financial fitness that was shared in this ” The Total Money Makeover “.

In this book, he shared the truth about debt and money and give steps and tools to set ourselves free financially. For Dave, Personal Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge. When I read this book, I was not read about mathematics or magic system but about changed lives. Many Money Myths (MM) and Shocking Stats (SS)was discovered. Many people’s success stories was shared. I’m motivated to be like them!

Dave shared …you have to change your life. When you change you life, you will get out of debt, give and invest at an unbelievable rate. His proven plan has inspired hundreds of thousands ordinary people to change their family tree..they have become DEBT-FREE.

I’m so excited to start my Total Money Makeover. My journey is just about to begin. I shall share Dave’s principles and tools later since my eyes is getting very sleepy right now. I’m too excited to share with all of you. My husband is also motivated to become DEBT FREE.  But before I shut down my laptop, let me share the first MM & SS.

Money Myths(MM) #1

Myth: I didn’t have time to work on a budget, retirement plan or estate plan.

Truth: You don’t have time not to

Shocking Stats (SS) #1:

90% of people in our culture buy things they can’t afford.

Happy weekend my dearest friends! 


5 Responses to "Dave Ramsey “The Total Money Makeover”"

I’ve finished reading it too.

For all of us the man on street, Dave Ramsey method may be the best since it’s simple yet practical.

I’m attacking my debt now! I wish I’ve read this book earlier. However, since I’m still young, I believe that it’s still not late. Better late than sorry.

I also wish I’ve found this book 10 yrs ago. May Allah bless our journey of money makeover

Good luck to all this plan really works!! i just finally tagged the subject and found all my friends who follow!!!

Thanks anita.

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