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Why I choose Public Mutual?

Posted on: March 11, 2008

There are many financial instituition that are offering the same product, which is Unit Trust. Among them, I choose Public Mutual


Do you want to know the reasons?  

1. Public Mutual is #1 unit trust company. 

2. Public Mutual emerged for the fifth consecutive year as the biggest winner at The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2008 by winning 8 of the 20 awards (source: The Edge)

3. The 8 awards won by Public Mutual are:

  • Public Mutual Berhad : Best Equity Group Award, 3 Years
  • PB Fixed Income Fund : Bond Malaysian Ringgit, 5 years
  • PB Growth Fund : Best Equity Malaysia Fund, 5 years
  • Public SmallCap Fund : Best Equity Malaysia Small and Mid Caps Fund, 5 years
  • PB Balanced Fund : Best Mixed Asset Malaysian Ringgit Balanced Fund, 5 years
  • Public Ittikal Fund : Best Equity Malaysia Fund, 5 years (Syariah)
  • Public Ittikal Fund : Best Equity Malaysia Fund, 10 years (Syariah)
  • Public Bond Fund : Best Bond Malaysian Ringgit Fund, 10 years

4. Public Mutual manages some 58 funds , of which the total net asset value stood at 28.4 billion as at 31 Dec 2007.

5. Public Mutual has over 1,000, 000 accountholders nationwide.

6. Public Mutual has 26 years experience and expertise in fund management.

7. Public Mutual continuously strives to achieve above average returns for investors.


Please contact me if you need further explanation or assistance.




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